Canine Heart Atlas Generation Information

Data Set Description

The data for this pipeline was provided by Drs. Patrick A. Helm and Raimond L. Winslow at the Center for Cardiovascular Bioinformatics and Modeling and Dr. Elliot McVeigh at the National Institute of Health. The data set is eight normal canine hearts. There are two kinds of data: geometry/scalar data and diffusion tensor data. We use the template estimation method [1] developed at CIS to generate a geometry atlas based on geometry data. Then we use LDDMM to map the diffusion tensor data from the subject to the geometry atlas. Finally, the cardiac atlas will have both geometry and diffusion tensor data, which can be used to study shape variation in a population.

Image Acquisition Protocol

Each heart was placed in an acrylic container filled with Fomblin, a perfluoropolyether (Ausimon, Thorofare, NJ). Fomblin has a low dielectric effect and minimal MR signal thereby increasing contrast and eliminating unwanted susceptibility artifacts near the boundaries of the heart. The long axis of the hearts was aligned with the z-axis of the scanner. Images were acquired with a 4-element knee phased array coil on a 1.5 T GE CV/I MRI Scanner (GE, Medical System, Wausheka, WI) using an enhanced gradient system with 40 mT/m maximum gradient amplitude and a 150 T/m/s slew rate.


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